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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer Reaction!!!



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  1. Danilo Djukic

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Lok'tar ogar, For the Horde!!!

  2. ALMAS

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Anduin's father Varian was a true warrior and always wanted his son to become one too. Varian dies honorably fighting the Legion Armies. He was killed by Alternative Gul'dan himself, with "For the Alliance!" as his last words.
    Anduin became a new king and take father's legendary sword — Shalamayne (This sword has an ability to splitting itself in two blades if the person who uses it is worthy and truly honorable)
    Anduin had to become a Warrior like his Father, even if he always wanted to be a Priest.
    And at the end of the trailer, he realizes that right now — his people need a Priest more than anything. He throws his father's sword to show that he isn't a warrior — and prays to the Light — Holy magic of Azeroth

    Btw, Blizzard already made a small CGI Battle for Azeroth series
    You've already seen Old Soldier and Battle for Azeroth trailer. That was basically first two "episodes"
    Next one in this "Series" — "Lost Honor"

  3. Th3ReDeeMeR

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Long live the Banshee Queen !!!

  4. Imperious Perfect

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Nice reactions!
    Next vid is Turn the tide before Lost Honor.

    Here is the list in order, some ingame between cinematics which are missing, but most important ones.

    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Features Overview

    Warbringer Sylvanas
    Warbringer Jaina
    Old Soldier
    Battle For Azeroth Trailer
    Turn the Tide
    Lost Honor
    Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation – Horde
    Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation – Alliance

    Jaina's Nightmare
    Arrival to Kul Tiras — Alliance
    Realm Of Torment
    The Return of Hope: Kul Tiras

    Arrival to Zandalar — Horde
    Rastakhan's Deal with Bwonsamdi
    The Threat Within: Zandalar

    Battle of Dazar'alor — Alliance Attack Cinematic
    Rastakhan's Death Cinematic

    Terror of Darkshore
    An Unexpected Reunion

    Warbringer Queen Azshara
    Rise of Azshara
    Azshara's Eternal Palace Ending

    Safe Haven
    The Negotiation
    For Azeroth — 25 Years of Warcraft

  5. James Purnell

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Blue orc is a troll dubbed zappyboi he is a shaman and was in the old soldier cinematic. The minotaurs are a race called Tauren. Was a very hype start to the expansion.

  6. Aldric Bastions

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Lurker here. Hey, Khan.

    Yeah, that is Varian's son, Anduin. As you noticed, the sword is definitely Varian's, and the blonde kid framed in his compass seen in the Legion cinematic was Anduin. As Anduin was growing up, he realized he was as far from his father in terms of personality as it gets. He was more pacifist while his father was definitely a warrior. At some point, his peaceful, compassionate nature caused him to pursue training to become a Priest, and from one of the most powerful and long-lived priests in Warcraft history.

    As of Battle for Azeroth, he's read his father's letter and retrieved Shalamayne (the sword) and managed to understand all Varian went through leading up to the ending at the Broken Shore. He realized that, despite being so different from his father, there is a time when a king must do what a king must do: that in order to achieve peace, there are times when he will have to fight.

    And that's why he's there, leading the forces of the Alliance against the Horde in retaliation for the war crime of burning down Teldrassil — with his father's sword in one hand, and the Holy Light in the other

  7. Kanetsidohi K

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    Anduin is a priest 😀

  8. Scott RoseBird FitzGerald

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    don't forget Warbringers: Azshara

  9. Phoenix DarkMoon

    28 января, 2020 at 12:20 дп

    You are correct. It is almost immediately after Old Soldier. As for anduin: Mass resurrection

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Ogoh ogoh Naga 2020 #2



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Part 2 ( Green Dragon )
Naga Basuki

3D ogoh ogoh Naga 2020
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Art 3D Dragon ogoh ogoh : Dj Martin Culture

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Ogoh-ogoh itu sendiri diambil dari sebutan ogah – ogah dari bahasa Bali yang artinya sesuatu yang digoyang-goyangkan. Pada tahun 1983 merupakan bagian penting dalam sejarah ogoh-ogoh di Bali, pada tahun itu mulai dibuat wujud-wujud bhuta kala berkenaan dengan ritual Nyepi di Bali. Ketika itu ada keputusan presiden yang menyatakan Nyepi sebagai hari libur nasional. Semenjak itu masyarakat mulai membuat perwujudan onggokan yang kemudian disebut ogoh-ogoh, di beberapa tempat di Denpasar. Budaya baru ini semakin menyebar ketika ogoh-ogoh diikutkan dalam Pesta Kesenian Bali ke XII.
Definisi Ogoh-Ogoh
Buat orang awam ogoh-ogoh adalah boneka raksasa yang diarak keliling desa pada saat menjelang malam sebelum hari raya nyepi (ngerupukan) yang diiringi dengan gamelan bali yang disebut Bleganjur, kemudian untuk dibakar.

Ogoh-ogoh adalah karya seni patung dalam kebudayaan Bali yang menggambarkan kepribadian Bhuta Kala. Dalam ajaran Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala merepresentasikan kekuatan (Bhu) alam semesta dan waktu (Kala) yang tak terukur dan tak terbantahkan. Dalam perwujudan patung yang dimaksud, Bhuta Kala digambarkan sebagai sosok yang besar dan menakutkan; biasanya dalam wujud Rakshasa. Selain wujud Rakshasa, Ogoh-ogoh sering pula digambarkan dalam wujud makhluk-makhluk yang hidup di Mayapada, Syurga dan Naraka, seperti: naga, gajah,, Widyadari, bahkan Dalam perkembangannya, ada yang dibuat menyerupai orang-orang terkenal, seperti para pemimpin dunia, artis atau tokoh agama bahkan penjahat.

What is OGOH OGOH ??????

Ogoh-ogoh itself is taken from the title ogah ogah .
from the Balinese language which means something to shake. In 1983 was an important part in the history of ogoh-ogoh in Bali, in that year began to be made bhuta forms when it comes to Nyepi rituals in Bali. At that time there was a presidential decree which declared Nyepi as a national holiday. Since then the community began to make embodiment of piles which later was called ogoh-ogoh, in several places in Denpasar. This new culture is increasingly spreading when ogoh-ogoh are included in the XII Bali Arts Festival.
Definition of Ogoh-Ogoh
For ordinary people, ogoh-ogoh is a giant puppet that is paraded around the village just before dusk before nyepi, accompanied by a Balinese gamelan called Bleganjur, then to be burned.

Ogoh-ogoh is a sculpture in Balinese culture that illustrates the personality of Bhuta Kala. In Hindu Dharma teachings, Bhuta Kala represents the immeasurable and undeniable power (Bhu) of the universe and time (Kala). In the embodiment of the statue in question, Bhuta Kala is described as a large and frightening figure; usually in the form of a Rakshasa ( Giant massive figure ) In addition to the Rakshasa form, Ogoh-ogoh is often also depicted in the form of creatures that live in Mayapada, Heaven and Naraka, such as: dragon, elephant, Widyadari, even in its development, some are made to resemble famous people, such as world leaders , artists or religious figures and even criminals.

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Стрим компьютерных игр

Necronator: Dead Wrong — Become an Overlord Villain to Destroy The World



Necronator 3 is here!
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Necronator: Dead Wrong Info
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Necronator: Dead Wrong is a comedic micro RTS game with a deck-building twist. Collect and deploy undead units and build an army to conquer the insufferable goody-two-shoes of the Livmor Alliance. Raise the dead, drop the mic.

#necronatordeadwrong #necronator #mrfalcon

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